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Archaeological Museum of Orbetello


Inside the former powder house is a collection that traces civilizations from prehistoric to Roman times

The Archaeological Museum of Orbetello preserves a remarkable collection of finds that ranges from prehistoric times to the Roman age. It's housed inside the Guzman Powder House, a historic Spanish military building built in the late 1600s to dominate the waterfront. Garibaldi stopped at the powder magazine to stock up on arsenal before leaving for the expedition to Talamone.

The original focal point of the museum was a collection by Pietro Raveggi, which then expanded over the years. Raveggi founded the antiquarium in the early 1920s.
The exhibition spaces are set up in the upper part of the former powder house, and present an educational and thematic path that traces the history and arts of ancient civilizations, detailing their practices, customs and crafts. On display are donations from private collections and Etruscan artefacts found in the areas of Orbetello and Talamone, including grave goods, agricultural tools and votive cabinets.

The museum collection ranges from objects dating back to the Neolithic period - such as arrowheads and stone blades - to the centuries of the Etruscan civilization, and also includes objects from the Hellenic and Roman periods.
Carefully organized from a educational perspective, there are military vestments, work tools for weaving and spinning, ceramics and funeral kits, as well as Etruscan clothing and accessories including jewellery, bracelets, toiletries and vials used for ointments.

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