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National Archaeological Museum and the Ancient City of Cosa


Ansedonia is home to a fascinating archaeological area overlooking the sea

The ancient city of Cosa is a Roman settlement located in Ansedonia, in the municipality of Orbetello. Founded in 273 BC, the ancient colony is located on top of a rocky promontory, from which it's possible to enjoy a splendid view over the whole of the Argentario and the Isola del Giglio.

The city was surrounded by a large wall 1.5 kilometres in length and with three doors and many towers: a second wall bordered the acropolis, with an opening toward the port.

The area that housed the forum, the seat of the community's political activity, preserves the remains of commercial buildings. In the acropolis there are traces of the Capitolium, a sacred building dedicated to the Jupiter, Juno and Minerva, and of the small temple of Mater Matuta, goddess of the morning and protector of births.

The Archaeological Museum

At the beginning, the museum was just one room dedicated to the most important artefacts found mostly at the citadel, the forum and in private houses, like the clay decorations from the temples at the citadel, in addition to ceramics, glass and objects made from metal and ivory.

Today, there are two new exhibition rooms: the first is dedicated to the port area, trading and the artefacts found in the necropolis located around the city, while the second room displays the history of Cosa until the 14th century, when the settlement passed into the hands of the Republic of Siena who destroyed it.

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