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Photo © Consorzio Turistico Volterra
Photo © Consorzio Turistico Volterra

Alabaster EcoMuseum in Santa Luce


This archive is one of the three stops of the Alabaster EcoMuseum

Santa Luce is home to one of the three centres of the Alabaster EcoMuseum, which also includes stops in Castellina Marittima and Volterra. The general mission of this diffused museum is to recount, throughout the territory, the work related to this special stone.

This material is tied to all three of these towns, each in its own way. While in Volterra, this rock has been transformed by artisans into urns, crockery and decorative objects since the Etruscan era, Castellina was where it was quarried. And in Santa Luce, there’s an important archive related to these excavations.

The Santa Luce branch is housed in the former city hall, and displays documentation about the alabaster quarries. To mine this stone, underground galleries were dug out with the help of explosions, at times very dangerous, but guaranteeing the extraction of these nearly perfect lodes, destined to be worked throughout the Volterra area.

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