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Lipu Oasis of Santa Luce

An oasis of natural beauty and a bird watchers paradise

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Santa Luce
The Santa Luce Oasis Lipu extends over an area of ​​about 105 hectares surrounded by forests and Mediterranean scrub around the lake of Santa Luce, an interesting wetland, a stopover for many water birds, an ideal place for bird watching.

The nature reserve, surrounded by cultivated fields, in the middle of the Pisan hills, includes entirely an artificial lake, made by Solvay Italy in the 1960s, as a water basin for fire prevention.

In winter the lake is inhabited by different species of ducks and in the summer - the best period for a visit - you can observe the nightingale, the kestrel some migratory birds like the heron.

The oasis offers a didactic-environmental workshops and guided hikes for scholars and groups.

Info: oasisantaluce.it

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