Museo Archeologico di Cecina

Cecina archaeological museum

A fascinating recreation of the history of an area which stretches from Volterra to the sea. A journey from the Palaeolithic age to the Roman era

The new displays (opened in August 2003) contained in the twelve exhibition rooms includes exceptional items on loan from the Florence Archaeological Museum, the Guarnacci Museum of Volterra, and the Chiellini Collection, Livorno. It is a fascinating recreation of the history of an area which stretches from Volterra to the sea, a journey from the Palaeolithic age to the Roman era, with particular attention to Etruscan culture and customs from the end of the VIII century to the middle of the VI century BC.

The Museum is in Villa Guerrazzi at La Cinquantina. It recounts the history of the Cecina Valley (which belonged to Etruscan Volterra) from prehistory to the end of ancient times through interesting artifacts from settlements, necropolis and craft and commercial activities in Volterra (Badia necropolis), Casale Marittimo, Belora, Montescudaio, Casaglia, Guardistallo, Bibbona, Cecina and Castagneto Carducci.

Of particular interest are artifacts from the Casale Marittimo settlement and necropolis, which testify to the role and wealth of the “warrior princes” who dominated the lower Cecina Valley. The Montescudaio cinerary urns decorated with figures depicting a funeral banquet, jewellery from Belora (partly already displayed at Riparbella) and Roman artefacts from the area (kilns for amphorae being one of the most important production activities) are also on display.

Objects from other regions of Italy, either donated or acquired on the antiques market, are also on show. These include bucchero and decorated Greek pottery, weapons, and bronze ornaments such as brooches, necklaces and belts.

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Clear, deep blue waters wash onto a long and wide golden beach
In Cecina, visitors have the best of both worlds, the blue of the Etruscan Coast and the Tuscan countryside. A dense pinewood borders 15 kilometres of sandy beach. In Marina di Cecina, the sea is incredibly clean and highly accessible. Guests can enjoy numerous water sports year-round. In this area, each season truly lends itself to outdoor enjoyment and relaxation. ...