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Cecina Archaeological Museum

A museum to discover the area’s history

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Via Francesco Domenico Guerrazzi, 6, 57023 Cecina LI, Italia

The Archaeological Museum of Cecina retraces the history of the Cecina river valley, an ancient land that stretched from Volterra to the sea, in a voyage from the Palaeolithic to the Roman era, with particular attention on the Etruscan civilization.

The museum is housed in Villa Guerrazzi, near La Cinquantina, and conserves artefacts of extraordinary interest. These are attributed to populated areas, necropolises, and artisan and commercial activities, from Volterra (necropolis of Badia), Casale Marittimo, Belora, Montescudaio, Casaglia, Guardistallo, Bibbona, Cecina and Castagneto Carducci.

Exceptional artefacts from the populated area and necropolis of Casale Marittimo are also on display and provide evidence on the role and wealth of the Etruscan warrior princes, who ruled the lower Val di Cecina. These include the funeral urn from Montescudaio, decorated on all sides with figurines alluding to a funeral feast; jewellery from Belora; Roman artefacts derived from the area (among the prolific activities, amphora kilns were highly important) and relics.

In the museum’s garden, admire the Etruscan tomb of Casaglia, from the end of the 7th century BCE, which was entirely reconstructed here.

Info: museoarcheologicocecina.it

Archaeology, relaxation and nature make an unforgettable holiday
Cecina is an ancient area, with some local discoveries being traced back to the Neolithic period. The land, also inhabited during the Etruscan era, gets its name from the Etruscan Consul Albino Cecina. He ordered the construction of a villa whose ruins can still be seen today in San Vicenzino. ...