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Hamlet of Tavernelle
Photo © Matilde Ferrari
Photo © Matilde Ferrari


Explore the 15th century buildings, tower house and the characteristic sandstone of this small village

The village of Tavernelle is located in the municipality of Licciana Nardi, in Lunigiana. The town is located not far from the Tavarone stream, along the centuries-old Via del Sale that's also known as Via di Linari which leads to the Lagastrello pass, the Apennine pass that marks the Tuscan border starting from the Val di Magra.
The proximity of the village to this communication route meant that originally there was a notable presence of artisanal stores and taverns to which it potentially owes its name.

Arriving in Tavernelle, you will come across some recently built houses, and by heading in further you discover the oldest part of the village: it extends along a single street lined with 15th-century buildings and includes a tower house. It's a typical fortified house, similar to those found in the village of Ponticello, and an engraving on the portal indicates that it was built in 1516 by Alfonso Saffi, probably a merchant at the time.

In addition to the tower house, you can admire the arcades, galleries and sandstone structures that characterize Tavernelle, as well as the 16th-century Church of San Rocco.

At the end of July, the village is animated by the Medieval Market.