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Would you like to engage in some unforgettable on-the-road experiences in Tuscany in less than three days? This time-based tour kicks off from Florence (say on a Friday evening) and heads southwards, with stops in San Gimignano, Siena, Val d'Orcia, to reach the Maremma and then drive along the Etruscan Coast.

Rest assured that along the way you will enjoy stunning landscapes, visit many old and suggestive towns and hamlets, but also relax and chill out while immersed in the beauty of some of the best thermal baths around the region.

If you do not have a car, you can book one (online it's cheaper) or just jump into one of the many car rentals located in Florence. You could check out the ones located in the Borgo Ognissanti area, but you could easily take one at the airport in Florence as well as in the Santa Maria Novella train Station.

DAY 1:

Aperitivo in San Gimignano:

[Photo Credits: 7Bart]
[Photo Credits: 7Bart]

That's what we did, we left Florence at around 6:30 pm aiming to reach San Gimignano before sunset. The road is easy and not too bad, there' s a bit of confusion before you understand how the car park system of San Gimignano works, and yes if you've been asking yourself, there's no free parking, all of them are private! Once there, you should have a walk around enjoying the sun setting and the nice colours that are spread around the old walls and towers of the town. After your walk you should definitely enjoy a glass of the local white Vernaccia wine. Dinner in Siena: Siena would be the perfect place for a nice meal and an after dinner walk in Piazza del Campo and in the tiny streets of the historical center.

Day 2:

I left Siena at around 10 am in the morning and drove south towards Buonconvento, i didn’t stop there as I’ve been there before, but if you haven’t been there, you should definitely make a quick stop, it’s a tiny and cosy medieval borgo.


[Photo Credits: Around Tuscany]

I just drove straight towards San Quirico d’Orcia, a stunning medieval village in the middle of the World heritage site of Val D’orcia. With its narrow streets, blooming plants and flowers, and its views towards the valley it’s a stop! Bagno Vignoni: all I can say is that the Romans new exactly what the essential pleasures of life are! They decided to make their luxury thermal baths in the middle of the green valley and hills of Tuscany. 

Driving the narrow streets in between the Tuscan hills is an emotion everyone has to feel! The more you drive towards the South the more the landscape changes, until you arrive in the beautiful “Tufo Villages” of Sorano and Pitigliano, both towns are built inside Tufo caves. Little villages in top of a mountains in the Maremma Area (south of Tuscany) this is a Magical Place!


[Photo Credits: Around Tuscany]

If drive towards the coast in the direction to Grosseto, few kilometers away from Pitigliano, you will find the directions to reach Saturnia. Saturnia are free thermal baths where the Romans used to go. There are some private and luxury ones, but there are also some free ones, better know as “the waterfalls”. Pay attention where to park. I got a 40 euros fine there :(!

After a nice and relaxing bath, we drove towards San Vincenzo (just up north from Grosseto) I’ve booked a room nearby the sea. For dinner I drove up to Campiglia Marittima, parked the car and had a lovely walk in the borgo. I’ve asked for a nice reastaurant and had dinner there in a really beautiful and tasty restaurant!

Day 3:

A relaxing sunday morning by the beach, with a walk on the seaside and a great breakfast afterwards in the Baratti Beach, is something everyone in Tuscany should do! Moreover if you’re into historical and ancient archeological sites, Populonia is the place for you with its Etruscan Necropolis.


[Photo Credits: Christian Ostrosky]

Castagneto Carducci: Is the birthplace of the famous italian poet and writer Goisuè Carducci! And a great stop for a pre-lunch Apertivo facing the coast and enjoying the historical city center. Plus, once you’re there you can take the tiny “winery road” that connects Castagneto Carducci to Bolgheri.


Bolgheriit’s the Wine paradise! It’s compared by wine experts and Sommelier to Boedeaux in France. The red wines tha comes from this reagion are DOCG and considered the most tastefull and delicates in Italy. You probably have heard about the world famous Sassicaia, at least a 100 euros bottles wine :O! But Bolgheri it’s also a lovely borgo special for luches sitting outside in the no-trafic zones squares.

Rosignano Solvay (white beaches):


[Photo Credits: Around Tuscany]

Even if the first villages in this area were those of the Etruscans and Romans. The history of the town begins at the beginning of the 20th century, more precisely in 1917t when the big chemical factory from Belgium (part of the Solvay Group) changed name to Rosignano Solvay. Some famous italian bands, such as Negrita, have also filmed their music videos here!

 As you can see from the pictures and from the video, the town is famous for its carribean beaches called “white beaches” that are a “mix” of 90% limestone and 10% calcium chloride. Ok might sound scary but it’s absolutely something you have to see in Tuscany!

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