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Mount Labbro gravel

Looking at Corsica from the Giurisdavidica Tower, in one of the most fascinating places in the Amiata
by  Amiata

Arcidosso is the ancient administrative center of this side of the Amiata. Today, of those vestiges remains the Aldobrandesco Castle, which with its tower dominates the town. It is from here that the path starts, which after a short while climbs the hill, arriving at Pian Perugino, where huge chestnut trees, motionless and majestic, observe those passing through. From here you reach the old farming village of Zancona, and then the road begins to climb again.

The arrival at Mount Labbro, with its pyramid shape, is preceded by a passage to the Mount Amiata Wildlife Park, where, among others, some Apennine wolves find refuge. From here, with Amiata on the left, it climbs to the summit of Mount Labbro. On this peak found its home the Giurisdavidic community, founded by Davide Lazzaretti in the second half of the 19th century with the aim of pooling the property of peasants to seek a better life. From the ruins of what remains of this community's home and the Giurisdavidica Tower, the view sweeps over the Tyrrhenian coast from Montalto di Castro to Castiglione della Pescaia: half of the Tuscan archipelago and Corsica can be seen with the naked eye. This mystical place is one of the most beloved by Amiata people and, for sure, one of the most fascinating.

Resuming the path with a valley path, we then begin to descend toward the village of Macchie and then head toward the "village of the moon and poetry", Salaiola. From here, surrounded by chestnut groves, we take the provincial road back to Arcidosso, which in the locality of La Serra appears to us in all its beauty, nestled on the slopes of Mount Amiata.


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