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Routes through the Metallifere Hills

Itineraries on foot, bike or horse for immersing yourself in nature

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The Metallifere Hills are the wildest part of the Province of Grosseto. Noted since Etruscan times for their rich reserves of iron, copper, lead, zinc and talcum, they are located on the border of the territories of Livorno and Siena.

Besides Massa Marittima, one of the most beautiful Medieval cities in Tuscany, the historic centres of Monterotondo Marittima, Montieri and Roccastrada are all worth a visit. Covered at their lower altitudes with a thick oak forest, the higher parts of the hills are covered in chestnut and faggio.
The natural richness of this area is underlined by the presence of the Natural Reserves of Farma, La Pietra and Cornate-Fosini, between the Provinces of Grosseto and Siena; the Montioni Park between Grosseto and Livorno; and the State Natural Reserves of Marsiliana, Poggio Tre Cancelli and Belagaio in Grosseto. The paths on the Grosseto side are connected to those on the Livornese dise on Monterotondo Marittimo and in the Montioni Park.

From Massa Marittima to Gavorrano     
Bike Path - 25 km
This long but smooth itinerary takes you from the foot of the Colline Metallifere to the heights between Castiglione della Pescaia and Scarlino. At Cura Nova there are 4km which run along a shaded boulevard and the final section is through the mining areas of Gavorrano. Roadsign n. 7.

The Montebamboli, Marsiliana and Montioni Park Ring
Foot, horse and bike path - 17 km
A pleasant itinerary that begins on a hilly gravel road, heads to the village of Marsilianaand then heads west towards Montioni and the border with the Province of Livorno. The return ride runs through Macchion de' Lupi and Poggio al Ghiaccio.

The Sassofortini, Roccatederighi and Montemassi Ring
Foot, horse and bike path - 22 km
This long itinerary can only be followed part way. It faces the Grosseto plane and passes the Romanesque parish church at Caminino—now part of a farm—and the Castle of Montemassi.

From Sassofortino to Monte Sassoforte and Piloni     
Foot, horse and bike path - 17 km
After a brief initial ascent to the Castle of Sassoforte, bought and destroyed by the Sienese in 1330, the itinerary continues on a hilly path towards Monte Alto and Piloni. Road signs Trekking Roccastrada.

From Gerfalco to Travale and Montieri     
Foot, horse and bike path - 15 km
This long, half-circle route crosses the Fosso Rimaggio Valley and the Montemurlo forests, passing through forests, farm estates and the more isolated villages of the Colline Metallifere.

From Massa Marittima to Monterotondo Marittimo     
Foot, horse and bike path - 13 km
A lovely path which connects two of the principal centres of the Colline Metallifere. It begins at Ghirlanda, arrives at Fosso Ritorto and ascends to the Castle of Bocchette straddling the Macchia del Toro. After crossing the Milia River it ascends to Monterotondo Marittimo.

From Gerfalco to Cornate     
Foot, horse and bike path - 12 km
A wide, comfortable path at the beginning becomes more difficult at the end—this path rises to 1060m above sea level at Poggio delle Cornate, the “roof” of the Colline Metallifere.

From Boccheggiano to Tatti     
Foot, horse and bike path - 11 km
A pleasant path between bills on the orographic left of the Merse River. At the beginning it hits the mines of Botroni and Baciolo, crossing later the centres of Roccatederighi and Gabellino.

The Poggione and Monte Arsenti Ring
Foot, horse and bike path - 15 km
This pleasant ring path begins at Ghirlanda and winds through the wooded hills north of Massa Marittima, hitting Podere Monte Arsenti, the Podere Poggione, Poggio Sugherino and Poggio La Lastra.

The Poggione di Prata Ring
Foot path - 10.5 km
A pleasant stroll around the orographic knot of the Colline Metallifere through a varied landscape which transitions from mediterranean flora to a zone of chestnuts with ample views and evidence of mining activities.

From Roccastrada to Castello del Belagaio     
Foot, horse and bike path - 15 km
This long itinerary develops through a solitary environment, through thick woods, and finishes at the Belagaio Castle, built in the 12th century and renovated in the 1800s, the centre of the eponymous State Nature Reserve. Road signs Trekking Roccastrada.

From Massa Marittima to Lago dell'Accesa     
Foot, horse and bike path - 12 km
This path connects Massa with the most extended mining zones of the area. After an initial ascent it circles Poggio al Santo before crossing the mining areas of Capanne Vecchie and Serrabottini. Once it reaches the Lago dell'Accesa and La Pesta it continues towards the ruins of an Etruscan mining village.
 From Torniella to Castello del Belagaio     
Foot, horse and bike path - 13 km
This itinerary along the banks of the Farma River, the border between the provinces of Grosseto and Siena, it hits two abandoned mines before arriving at the Farma Nature Reserve. Roadsign Trekking Roccastrada.