Magona Castle - Venturina

Venturina Terme

A modern town with an ancient past

Along the Aurelia Road, between the sea and the countryside, it is place full of restaurants and shops selling typical products.

Modern town, Venturina has an ancient past, as evidenced by the Etruscan-Roman Baths of Caldana, around which spa facilities and cozy accommodation facilities have arisen. There are also testimonies of the eighteenth and twentieth century as Palazzo Magona, Villa Mussio and the Rovesciato Tavolino Villa.

An important agricultural center, Venturina is home to an exhibition center that hosts national fairs and exhibitions.

In the city centre there is also the Museo della Civiltà del Lavoro, an evocative collection of over 6,000 finds and objects of daily life linked to the farmer's work and other essential crafts for carrying out the agricultural activity.

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