Museo della Rocca di Campiglia

The Museum of Rocca di Campiglia

Archeological finds from the Medieval village

Campiglia Marittima

The Rocca di Campiglia occupies a semi-circular area on the highest hill of Campiglia, about 280m above sea level. The site includes the dungeons, the ancient cistern and an imposing crenelated wall with biforate windows which date from the 11th-15th centuries, and an aqueduct built in the 1930s. The museum holds a collection of artifacts relating to the Rocca and the history of Campiglia, where to this day visitors can see evidence of the Pisan towers. The museum aims to recreate aspects of the daily life of the community and of the Gherardesca family.

Opening hours:
Every day from 5pm-10pm


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Rocca di Campiglia
Ph: +39 0565 226445 (Parchi Val di Cornia)

Campiglia Marittima
One of the loveliest hill towns on the coast
Situated on a hill overlooking the sea and the surrounding countryside, Campiglia Marittima is one of the loveliest old hill towns on the Costa degli Etruschi. Here in the heart of the Val di Cornia where ancient traditions live on, remains bearing witness to the Etruscan, Roman and Medieval civilisations can be found. ...