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Vada, Lookout Tower


Endless sandy beaches and a turquoise sea

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Vada is famous for having over 5km of white, sandy beaches and for its crystal clear sea which has been awarded Blue Flag status on several occasions. Tourists come here from all over the world. At the heart of the town is Piazza Garibaldi, which dates back to the period of Lorena rule. The town's impressive Torre di avvistamento (Lookout Tower), which was built in the Renaissance, is not far from the square and is an excellent example of defensive architecture. 

The beach is bordered by a shady pine woods and has both private bathing establishments and public beaches where its possible to rent sun loungers and sun umbrellas. One part of the coastline, the Secche di Vada, is famous for its shallow waters and attracts fishing enthusiasts all year long.The town has a rich and fascinating history. Some of the most interesting places to visit are the Rada del Saraceno, the Pineta di Pietra Bianca, Molino a Fuoco and the Mazzanta

Historically, Vada was the ancient port for the city of Volterra and was first cited in 330 BC, as well as being mentioned by Cicero and several Latin poets. It subsequently became a refuge for Saracen pirates who left evidence of their presence in the form of amphoras and terracotta pots which now lay on the sea bed. The remains of a large port area, which was probably built in the second half of the 1st century AD, have been uncovered in the San Gaetano area. The remains of an ancient thermal spa and market area have also been discovered. 

Vada has a lot to offer visitors in terms of sport and relaxation. It is an important centre for nautical persuits and has a fully equiped small port. Vada's delicious seafood dishes, steeped in history and traditions, are the main fare on offer and the town also holds many festivals.  

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