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from a woody basin along the slopes of the Capodimonte mountain, between Cecina and Piompino

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The territory of Sassetta rises from a woody basin along the slopes of the Capodimonte mountain, located inland between Cecina and Piombino. Cited in documents from the 11th and 12th centuries, it was owned by the Orlandi, a powerful family from Pisa. The castle was under political rule of the Tyrrhenian Republic until the 1400s, when it then passed under the jurisdiction of Florence.

Sassetta was made famous by the words of historian Enrico Lombardi: “it is a bone fide nest of predatory birds, inhabited by Men used to battles who are as rough as the landscape and the thick woods that surround them; these Men are also modeled after the security granted them by their castle—these are proud and bloodthirsty people”. Sassetta is surrounded by chestnut woods and Mediterranean scrublands, which cover the surrounding hills and countryside in a reddish colour. In the Museo del Bosco (‘Woodland Museum’), an interesting thematic museum, daily life and local professions, like chestnut picking and the more ancient coal merchants, are represented. The park in Poggio Neri, a place of amazing beauty, is an oasis of uncontaminated nature.