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City of wine and bread, one of the most beautiful villages in italy

Originally home to a Benedictine monastery, in the Middle Ages, Montescudaio became an important village thanks to its location. In the centre of the town, you can admire the former palaces of noble families, like the Marchionneschi, Ridolfi and Guerrini, as well as the Church of Santissima Annunziata, the Torre della Guardiola and Piazzale del Castello, with the Church of Santa Maria Assunta dominating the village below from its panoramic position.

An itinerary worth exploring is the Via dei Pellegrini, along which you’ll come across the Antica Badia – a centuries-old abbey – the green (and equipped) oasis of Scornabecchi and some medieval fountains. Montescudaio is part of the National Association of Wine Cities, or Associazione Nazionale Città del Vino, and boasts its own DOC that includes the municipalities in the Val di Cecina, excluding Volterra. A wine sagra was founded in 1968 (the perfect opportunity for exploring this area, during the first weekend in October), while in 1977, the town’s red and white wines achieved the DOC denomination. The red is made with sangiovese, trebbiano, malvasia and other grape varietals, while the white is made with trebbiano, malvasia and vermentino, and can be produced as a dry, semi-dry or sweet Vin Santo.

In addition to being a Wine City, Montescudaio is also a Bread City, or Città del Pane, with the classic, flavourless Tuscan bread cooked in wood-burning ovens, right here in one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

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