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Vittorio Emanuele Square - Castelfranco di Sopra
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Castelfranco Piandiscò

A small village with a rich history in a breath-taking countryside

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Along the ancient Strada dei Sette Ponti, between the Arno and the slopes of the Pratomagno, more or less halfway between Arezzo and Florence, there is the beautiful village of Castelfranco di Sopra. Even the road leading to the ruins is noteworthy: along the way you can admire one of the most striking Tuscan countrysides. Between the Casentino and the Chianti region, in any season, visitors can see the spectacular hills, vineyards, olive groves and woods in a harmonious blend of history, nature and culture. Around the farms and farmhouses, there is the fairy-tale area of "Le Balze", nature reserves and the solemn simplicity of the Romanesque churches.

Arriving in Castelfranco Piandiscò, you can’t help but admire the Arnolfo Tower, a symbol of the town and the clearest remains of the ancient castle, built on the command of Florence. Going up the tower offers a privileged viewpoint of the countryside of Castelfranco at the foot of the Apennines.

Equally unmissable is the Church of San Filippo Neri, built in the first half of the 17th century and containing works from Andrea del Sarto and Matteo Rosselli’s (16th and 17th century) studios in Florence, along with a frescoed ceiling. Right by the gates of the village, among the green of the olives and the vines, there is the Abbey of San Salvatore Complex in Soffena, made up of the church, the cloister and the convent. The abbey is mentioned in a document from 1014 and contains 15th-century frescoes by artists such as Paolo Schiavo, Rieti and Bicci di Lorenzo; among these is the Annunciation by the brother of Masaccio Giovanni di Ser Giovanni, called Lo Scheggia.
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