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Il Santuario delle Grazie
Places of worship

The Sanctuary ‘delle Grazie’

The sanctuary features some precious polychromatic altars and bas-relief altarpieces in marble.

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Piazzale Santuario, 4

Consecrated on November 22, 1676, the sanctuary ‘delle Grazie’ is located just past the eighteenth-century bridge, which is situated along Via Apuana (where the Garfagnana Canal and the Carrione River meet). The style of the architect Alessandro Bergamini is immediately evident in this holy place, which illustrates great architectural harmony. The sculptures and architecture of the sanctuary harmoniously merge throughout the structure, creating a strong visual and artistic effect. It is also richly decorated and features a colourful Baroque style and Baroque elements. Inside the sanctuary, there are precious polychromatic altars, statutes (including an “Angel” by Casserini at the altar in the right-side), and an altarpiece in bas-relief made with marble that has come from all over Italy and Europe.

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Carrara has always been considered the city of marble, and for good reason. The identity of this centuries-old city—with strong ties to both the mountains and the nearby Ligurian Sea—has always had marble at its heart: the pristine stone has been extracted from area quarries since Roman times. When you hear or utter “Carrara,” marble and quarries are the immediate associations. ...