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MudaC - Museum of Arts in Carrara


The museum where contemporary art meets marble

The MudaC - Museum of Arts in Carrara is a museum dedicated to contemporary art which holds the collection of the municipality and is kept inside the former convent of San Francesco, which has been recovered and restored. The building, initially erected in the seventeenth century following the Baroque style, had undergone numerous transformations over the centuries and was then redesigned as a sculpture workshop in the Napoleonic era.

The museum is made up of works acquired by the municipality of Carrara over the course of the different editions of the International Sculpture Biennial since 1957 to today, from those received from private donations and from the works left in the cloister and made for the event “Designing the Marble” which brought a group of international artists to Carrara in 2004 to take on the power of stone material for the first time. The entire collection tells the artistic development of the city and testifies to its deep connection with marble.

Some of the artists on display are Giuliano Vangi, Giuseppe Spagnulo, Jannis Kounellis, Alberto Viani, Dunchi, Signori, Perez, Cardenas and many others.

The museum has exhibitions, events and educational workshops for schools during the year.

MudaC Museo delle Arti Carrara
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