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Photo © Benedetta Perissi
Photo © Benedetta Perissi

The ruins of San Bruzio in Magliano in Toscana

Places of worship

A small San Galgano that has the rich blue of the Maremma sky as its roof

In the heart of the Grosseto Maremma, an area packed with history and breathtaking wild landscapes, you'll find Magliano in Toscana, a village with an authentic atmosphere surrounded by vineyards and olive groves.
In the area, there are many traces left behind from the Etruscan period, but it's the Middle Ages that left a particularly notable heritage. Embraced by the walls built by the lords of the time, the powerful Aldobrandeschi family, the village is home to palaces, places of worship and museums, forming true treasure troves of art and history.

Even outside the walls, Magliano in Toscana never ceases to amaze. A couple of kilometres away in the beautiful setting of the Maremma countryside, you find the fascinating ruins of the monastery of San Bruzio. A small San Galgano, it has the rich blue of the southern Tuscan sky as its roof. Built around the year 1000 AD by Benedictine monks, it features architectural details such as the capitals in the style of beyond the Alps, adorned with foliage and anthropomorphic heads similar to the nearby San Rabano, a centuries-old abbey that reveals itself like a lost city in the unspoiled nature of the Maremma Regional Park.

- Credit: Benedetta Perissi

It's a valuable building in Romanesque style with some Gothic elements, that originally had a Latin cross plan. After long periods of neglect, the semicircular apse, the transept walls facing east, and the arches that support the dome still remain visible, surprising all those who come to enjoy its historic splendour.

It's a charming gem of nature and spirituality in the homeland of Morellino, combining the sacred and the secular in a spectacular day under the Maremma sun.

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