Pietra Serena Museum - Firenzuola

The Pietra Serena Museum

Firenzuola’s fortress hosts intriguing exhibitions

This extraordinary tour, showcasing manufactured objects, work tools, photographs, didactic panels, videos and ceramics, takes place inside the subterranean areas and moat belonging to the Rocca di Firenzuola fortress. These interesting spaces have recently undergone a far-reaching restoration process, together with the fifteenth century bastions created by Antonio da San Gallo the Elder. This museum documents the history linked to the extraction of pietra serena in Firenzuola with particular reference to the area’s social organization and work techniques.

The exhibit is divided into six sections. Stone remains the unchallenged protagonist of the area’s natural landscape in the first three sections, in addition to ancient and modern techniques used for the extraction of stone (quarry work). Visitors can also view daily objects used in olden times. The fourth section illustrates digs and restorative processes linked to the fortified structure where the museum is hosted. Sections five and six are dedicated to pietra serena as an artistic medium. The museum’s first exhibition was inaugurated in November 1999; its complete new set-up was opened in May 2002.

Handicap access: partial

Contact (ITA): comune.firenzuola.fi.it

Cover image credit: Proloco Firenzuola

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