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Places of worship

The Parish Church of Santo Stefano a Castiglioni

A medieval church in the lush greenery of the Val di Sieve

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Località Castiglioni, 61

Just beyond the residential area of Rufina you’ll find the Parish Church of Santo Stefano a Castiglioni, an architectural complex formed of several buildings including a church and belltower. Religious documents from the Middle Ages testify to the existence of the church which was restructured in 1926, eliminating the Baroque additions and returning the church to its Romanesque origins.

The entrance door, central “eye” window, and upper part of the belltower were all reconstructed.The interior of the church is divided into three naves covered with a trussed ceiling. The building ends in a tribune with three apses, an architectural form that is unusual in Florentine churches.

Famous for producing excellent Chianti
The municipality of Rufina is in the Val di Sieve, in the province of Florence. It is at an altitude of 115m and has a population of 6800 inhabitants. The town is situated in a hilly area famous for producing excellent Chianti. Some sites of interest around the municipality of Rufina are the Villa Budini, Falgano Castle and the churches of Santo Stefano and San Bartolomeo. ...