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Villa Poggio Reale in Rufina

Historical Buildings

The splendid 16th-century residence today houses the Museum of Vines and Wine

Villa Poggio Reale in Rufina is an elegant 16th-century structure which gained its name after Leopold II, Grand Duke of Tuscany, stayed here in 1829.

An evocative cypress-lined boulevard leads to the façade of this spectacular residence, whose structure can be retraced to the Florentine traditional styles of 16th-century suburban villas. It is located in an elevated position, with eroding walls, a pincer staircase and an internal layout comprising a central hall on the ground floor, from where the stairs lead off and the other rooms open onto.

The coat of arms displayed in the main hall is evidence of the first owners, the Mormorai from Majano. The villa was restored during the 17th century and is surrounded by an ample park open to the public, which includes vineyards, vegetable gardens and the small Ragnaia forest.

The villa’s cellars host a wine bar, while in the former fermentation room, visitors can find the Museum of Vines and Wine.


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