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Chini Manufacture Museum in Borgo San Lorenzo

Pottery and Liberty-style tradition on display in the collection of Villa Pecori Girardi

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Borgo San Lorenzo
Via degli Argini, 24, 50032 Borgo San Lorenzo FI, Italia

The Chini Manufacture Museum in Borgo San Lorenzois housed inside Villa Pecori Geraldi. The old noble home has a typical Renaissance-style façade, while the inside was decorated in the 19th century by painters Angiolino Romagnoli, Pietro Alessio Chini and Pio Chini. Between 1906 and 1901 general Guglielmo Pecori Giraldi commissioned Galileo Chini to complete the coat of arms and devices of Florentine nobility related to his household.

The rooms of the villa were frescoed by the whole Chini family, with geometric, floral and medieval inspired patterns, include a spectacular cycle of San Giorgio.

A ceramic by Galileo Chini
A ceramic by Galileo Chini

The museum recounts the history of Chini Manufacture, which produced ceramic furniture pieces, stoneware and glassware that was popular in the bourgeois houses of the Liberty period in the furnaces of Borgo San Lorenzo: Galileo Chini was in fact one of the biggest figures of Italian Liberty and took his creations around the world.

You can also find the Small Museum of Children here, with artisanal and sensory workshops designed for children.

Borgo San Lorenzo
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