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Centuries-old Margheri mill

Historical Buildings

History of the Madonna dei Tre Fiumi mill in Mugello

The Margheri mill of Madonna dei Tre Fiumi, a hamlet of Ronta in the municipality of Borgo San Lorenzo, is certainly one of the oldest of its kind in Tuscany. An inscription that still stands out on its façade traces it back to 845.

For centuries, the millers who worked in the area studied the skies hoping for rain that would turn the blades powered by the Razzuolo stream. Today, Roberto Cerbai, a former truck driver who has embraced the profession of miller in the footsteps of his father-in-law, takes care of everything needed to make the mill of the Madonna dei Tre Fiumi work. With infinite patience and skill, he takes care of the millstones ensuring they are always fully efficient. He produces spare parts for the mill, cutting wood that will serve to keep it functioning.

The work is dependent on the seasons and the availability of water. Chestnuts are ground at the mill in September. The traditional grinding system always guarantees great results, showing how it can still compete with modern technology.  


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