Eremo di San Leonardo al Lago

The hermitage of Saint Leonardo at the Lake

A 12th century construction at Monteriggioni


The hermitage is recorded in documents in 1119 and 1124. The church, which dates to 1168, was restructured in the 14th century. The remains of the surrounding wall and two towers, one round and one square, are evidence of a fortification project which took place in 1366 to welcome the populartion of the near by Saint Colomba in a period of war.

The church holds a large fresco cycle which dates to 1360 and was created by the gothic Sienese painter Lippo Vanni. The fresco of the Crucifixion is also worth noting, located in the chapter room and attributed to Giovanni di Paolo in his early period, ca. 1445.

Opening hours:

Tuesday-Sunday. 9:30am-3:30pm


Free with a guided tour

The hermitage is accessible to wheelchair users.

Loc. Santa Colomba
S. Leonardo al Lago
Ph: +39 0577 317012



Famous for its castle
In the year 1000, Monteriggioni was a thriving town. The castle however, wasn’t built till 1213. It was built by the Republic of Siena who wanted it to be a kind of defensive outpost on the main road between Florence and Siena. It was one of the first castles built by the Siense who, until then, had always used the fortresses of weak feudal families. ...