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Collegiate Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Camaiore

Historical Buildings

The town of Camaiore hosts architectural gem

The Collegiate Church of Santa Maria Assunta is in the historical center of Camaiore: it was founded in the 13th century and despite the transformations occurred in modern times, it is an emblematic example of 13th century ecclesiastical architecture. Some decorative elements are particularly interesting, such as the big rose window on the façade.

The oldest part of the church is represented by the Romanesque bell tower dating back to the first half of the 12th century: a plaque at the base of the tower was raised in 1350, while in 1448, during the important enlargement works of the collegiate church, the dome was built in the center of the presbytery area.

The church was severely damaged by the earthquake of 1536, after which it was restored, and then it was the subject of important intervention again in the 18th century. The interior of the three aisles preserves important works such as the 14th century marble baptismal font and a precious 14th century wooden crucifix. 

Collegiate of Santa Maria Assunta and Bell Tower
Collegiate of Santa Maria Assunta and Bell Tower - Credit: Courtesy of Camaiore Municipality
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