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Museo civico di Pistoia

The Civic Museum in Pistoia

This museum takes visitors on an interesting journey through the artistic history of Pistoia, from the thirteenth to the nineteenth century

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Piazza del Duomo 1
The Civic Museum (Museo Civico) in Pistoia houses an important collection of art work from the region’s churches and convents. The pieces were all either bought or donated to the museum. This museum takes visitors on an interesting journey through 7 centuries of the artistic history of Pistoia, from the thirteenth to the nineteenth century. The works are set out in chronological order and by ‘school’ (ie: the Florentine school are grouped together, the Pistoiese school are grouped together etc). The only exception to this rule is the Puccini collection which is on the top floor. This collection is separated from the rest and it was these paintings that made up the museum’s original collection in 1914. The prestigious works of art on display are mostly from the Florentine and Pistoiese schools and document the cultural development of the town and its alternating autonomy and dependence on the city of Florence.

The main points of interest in the museum are the fourteenth century art work with its consistent foundation and artistic themes and items from the first half of the sixteenth century, including a series of pieces with the theme of the ‘Sacred Conversation’. Paintings from the seventeenth and eighteenth century Florentine school are also well represented in the museum, as well as nineteenth century works with historic and romantic subjects. These works were all inspired by the ideology of Niccolò Puccini. The oldest part of the Town Hall today was originally a residence for the Anziani and for the ‘Gonfaloniere di Giustizia’ - the town’s leading magistrate and governor. The Civic Museum also boasts a specialised library open to the public which has sections concerning the art work and artists in the museum’s collections, the historic and artistic heritage of the town and surrounding area, the didactic elements of the museum and also back catalogues of various scientific journals

Opening hours: 10am – 5pm Winter (from November to March), 10am – 6pm Summer (April to October)
Sunday 9.30am – 12.30pm, closed Monday
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A captivating Roman city, Pistoia is a place that wows art lovers and tourists in search of centuries-old traditions. Poets and writers have always praised its charms, calling it the "city of enchanted stone" and the "city of wide streets and beautiful churches". ...