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San Michele Lucca
Places of worship

The Church of San Michele in foro

This basilica in Lucca dates back to 1000 and conserves very precious works

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The four small loggia on the facade, however, date to a later project to raise the building which was effected by the same masters who worked on the facade of the Cathedral of San Martino. The bell tower, over the western transept, dates to the 13th and 14th centuries.
In 1358 the roof was redone and later that century the building was extended. During the Comune the church took on a political importance: until 1370 the Major Council of the Podestà held its meetings here.
San Michele Church
San Michele Church - Credit: Allan Parsons
When the city came under the power of the Gigli, beginning in the 16th century, the church underwent a series of renovations including work on the altars and the opening of a few windows.
In 1866 the Architect Giuseppe Pardini restored the church, replacing many elements of the facade with contemporary works. The Madonna and Child by Andrea della Robbia and the Four Saints by Filippino Lippi on the inside of the church are not to be missed.
San Michele in foro
San Michele in foro - Credit: C. D'Aliasi
A bastion-protected medieval city and a blast of comics, culture and colors
Many people born and bred in Tuscany consider Lucca an outlier—it’s not uncommon to hear Florentines mutter “that's not Tuscan”, probably when referring to the bread, which is salted in Lucca and strictly plain elsewhere in Tuscany; or to the Lucchese people's mode of speaking (unique, to say the least); or to the fact that Lucca is the region’s only city-state to have preserved its ...