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Cripta di Santa Reparata
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Santa Reparata Crypt

Florence’s Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral was built on the site of an even older cathedral

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The ancient cathedral of Santa Reparata was probably built in the sixth century, during the reign of Teodorico, and was one of the first major signs of Christianity having reached Florence. The cathedral was probably built to give thanks for the victory of the Christians over the King of the Goths around the year 405. The structure of the cathedral consisted of three naves with stone columns and a fenced off area for the apse. There was also a central passageway for the distribution of communion.

The building was modified during Roman times with the addition of two chapels in the area near the apse, new flooring and the construction of the crypt. This crypt was also used during the building of the newer Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral. The crypt can be accessed today from inside the cathedral in the right nave. Visitors can examine many archaeological finds unearthed on site which tell the story of the original Santa Reparata cathedral which was destroyed to make room for the newer one.

As well as conserving some of the ruins of the older cathedral, the crypt is also home to some Roman, Medieval and Late Medieval finds such as tombs and fragments of pictorial decorations. Both the Early Christian mosaic flooring and the tomb of Brunelleschi are well worth seeing.

Opening Hours
Weekdays 10am – 5pm
Closed on Sunday

Entry Fee

Disabled Access
No, there are 10 steps at the entrance to the crypt from inside the cathedral

Contact Information
Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore
E-mail opera@operaduomo.firenze.it
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