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Domus Romana in Lucca

The "Casa del fanciullo sul delfino" is an archeological site from the 1st century BCE

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The “Casa del fanciullo sul delfino” Domus Romana in Lucca is an archeological site discovered in 2010 in the city centre, and owes its name to the splendid terracotta frieze depicting two putti riding dolphins. Visitors can also see walls and artefacts from the Roman (1st century BCE), Lombard, medieval and Renaissance eras, with architectural friezes, domestic objects and votive offerings. This single space offers the chance to admire the evolution of building techniques over 2,000 years of history.

The exhibition route also visits the palace’s Renaissance cellars, with large brick vaults, atop which the building was built.

This is where typical objects of everyday life and some votive pieces were rediscovered, like a sestertius (a Roman coin) issued by Emperor Tiberius in 14 CE and a bronze fibula from the Augustan era.

Info: domusromanalucca.it

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