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Puccini Museum in Celle dei Puccini


Summer residence and childhood home of famous composer, Giacomo Puccini

The Puccini museum is located in Celle dei Puccini, a small hamlet in Pescaglia. Home of the Puccini family, starting from Puccini’s ancestor, Giacomo, after whom the celebrated composer was named, the residence is part of the historic homes association, Case della Memoria.

Giacomo Puccini, the composer and most well-known member of the family, spent many years in Celle during his lifetime, as a child up until just before his death. Objects from his daily life, his letters and musical instruments have been conserved and are displayed in the Puccini house museum.

Seven rooms across two floors are open to the public with family heirlooms on display, including a sewing machine used by the women of the house, pieces of furniture (including a wardrobe, a baptism gift to Giacomo), the piano that was used to compose part of Madama Butterfly and a number of manuscripts of his work. Other interesting objects include an armchair that Puccini loved to use, as well as various photographs, letters and a family tree located in the entrance which details the history of this musical dynasty.

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