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Pratomagno, the mountain range

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Via Panoramica del Pratomagno, 52024 Loro Ciuffenna AR, Italia

The mountainous territory around Pratomagno is in the eastern part of Tuscany which borders the Apennine ridge. The area sits between Casentino and the upper Valdarno. Its main ridge runs parallel to the territory’s north-west and south-east orientation.

The mountainous slopes of the Valdarnese Pratomagno which face towards the south-west don’t have any outstanding geological features although the footpaths that spider this area are full of natural treasures. For example, many streams and dykes run down the slopes towards the river Arno. Over time they have carved the face of the Pratomagno into numerous valleys and ridges that descend to the valley below.

The mountain ridge, shaped by centuries of wind and snow, is much more rounded in shape. The abundant grassland here on the ridge is what gave the mountain its name (‘Pratomagno’, ‘prato’ = grassy area). The ridge rises to an average altitude of 1200m and to a maximum of 1593m on Mount Pianellaccio and 1590m on its neighbour, Mount Croce di Pratomagno. An examination of the geological surface formation reveals sedimentary rock with sandstone, silt and clay. The Pratomagno mountain range is believed to have been under the sea approximately 5 million years ago.

Thanks to its varied landscape, the area has its own micro-climate and diverse plant species that go from Mediterranean scrub and woodland to the grassy pastures of the mountain ridge itself.