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"Pellegrini-Ansaldi" Botanical Garden of the Apuan Alps

Naturalistic attractions

A green oasis in Massa where you can admire the wild vegetation of the Apuan Alps

The Botanical Garden of the Apuan Alps, dedicated to the doctor and botanist Pietro Pellegrini, is located in Massa, in Pian della Fioba, at an altitude of around 900 metres. You can get there by taking the panoramic road which leads from Massa to Arni or by following Via dei Marmi.

The Garden is found on a rocky formation and the majority of the species there have appeared naturally. The lower part has been adapted to offer an educational tour while from the higher part it is possible to admire natural vegetation with several species native to the Apuan Alps.

Inside the garden there is a sheltered studio, with a small multimedia room. In front of this there is a man-made pond for wetland plants.
In addition, guided tours are offered by graduates and undergraduates from Tuscany’s universities, research activities and meteorological data collection.

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