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Firenze, Piazza del Duomo
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Piazza del Duomo - Florence

The riches of the cradle of the Renaissance

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Here you will find the principal monuments in the heart of the city centre. You face the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore begun by Arnolfo di Cambio in 1296 and crowned only in 1436 by the masterpiece of Filippo Brunelleschi. The cupola is the symbol of Florence and offers a fabulous view of the city as well as the interior of the church. To one side of the church is another giant, the belltower of Giotto, and in front is the ancient Baptistery of San Giovanni, in the romanesque style, decorated by the bronze doors of Ghiberti and Andrea Pisano.

The Cathedral

Typical architecture of the Italian gothic, the cathedral is characterized by the coloured marble facing and the imposing cupola of Filippo Brunelleschi who was responsible for the definitive project and the extraordinary technique with which they managed to erect this enormous structure, finished in 1436. Inside the cathedral are located important works of art included two detached frescoes showing the equestrian statues of the mercenaries Giovanni Acuto and Niccolò da Tolentino, painted by Paolo Uccello in 1436 and Andrea del Castagno in 1456 respectively.

The Baptistery

Its aspect is strongly characterized by a combination of romanesque and paleo-christian architecture, making it one of the oldest architectural monuments in Florence. Important details are the sculptures and bas-freliefs on the doors and it is among the most important complexes in Tuscany. For more information about Florence Baptistry

Giotto's Belltower

The bell tower of the Santa Maria del Fiore was begun by Giotto in 1334, but after his death the construction was continued first by Andrea Pisano and then finished by Francesco Talenti in 1359. Its rich sculptural decoration includes 56 reliefs in two registers layered with 16 life-size statues in niches by the masters of the 14th and 15th centuries, including Andrea Pisano, Donatello and Luca della Robbia. 

An astonishing city of art, fashion and tradition
If you are visiting Tuscany you cannot miss Florence. The Renaissance city is a treasure trove of art with an astonishing contemporary vibe. Beyond the extraordinary artistic heritage, a testimony to its centuries of civilization, the best way to enjoy Florence is to stroll along the riverside avenues at sunset, or to get lost among the city’s myriad alleyways of the bohemian Oltrarno or the ...