Riserva naturale Pescinello

Pescinello Nature Reserve

Fascinating reserve in the heart of the Parco degli Etruschi

The Pescinello Nature Reserve is found in the upper Albegna Valley, on the left bank of the river in the commune of Roccalbegna. It was instituted in 1998 and extends over 149 hectares. The reserve protects the southern slopes of the Monte Labbro, while the northern slopes are part of the Monte Labbro Provincial Nature Reserve. The area boasts elevated biodiversity thanks to woods, brush, streams, wells and mountains.

Inside, visitors will find centuries-old trees alongside extraordinary beauty like linden trees, oaks and much more. Several restoration projects are underway within the reserve to restore or reintroduce native Maremma species into the area. One of the species to be reintroduced is the river shrimp, whose population was reduced due to extreme fishing and pollution. Further, a humid environment has been created to host rare and delicate amphibian species. Several bird and mammal specieswill also be reintroduced in the reserve.

Disabled access: no
Qualified visitors’ center: no
Alternative personnel: no 
Means of transportation: no
Specific trails: no
Other accessible trails:
Altitude: 800 mt
Welcome center: no
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