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Vicari Palace in Scarperia

Historical Buildings

The symbol of the village now houses the Museum of Cutting Tools

The Vicari Palace in Scarperia has 14th-century origins but has undergone extensive restoration and transformation over the centuries. Even now, the façade of the square has traces of the dominance of the Medici family, featuring the coats of arms of the various members of the family who ruled over the Republic of Florence at different times in history. The building consists of a massive elongated central body with protruding furnishings (due to a modern refurbishment on the section facing the Piazza) and it is fitted with a scarp base.

Today, it is home to a valuable historic archive and the Museum of Knives and Cutting Tools, dedicated to the craftsmanship that has set Scarperia apart since the Middle Ages.

Inside the Palace, you can admire a magnificent fresco from the workshop of Ghirlandaio of 1501, as well as the ancient clock of the bell tower, made by the genius Filippo Brunelleschi.

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