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Vaso scolpito in cotto nel giardino di villa Bardini, Firenze. Foto Breschi.

Museum of Terracotta in Petroio

An illustration of continuity from past to present

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Petroio, a hamlet in the Council of Trequanda, has for many centuries been distinguished for its production of terracotta articles, and for the figure of the potter who has taken on the role of custodian of art and culture of these places.
For this reason the same Museum, set up within a 13th century palazzo, underlines the active intertwining between past and present, between artisan work and design: and so the continuity is illustrated between the ancient techniques, carried out with interesting reconstructions in the quarry from which the clay is extracted and in the shop where it is worked with the typical kiln, and recent methods with the possibility of visiting the installations of the area.
The history of terracotta work was ingrained in the widest panorama of traditional Siennese artisanship, then focalised, from the end of the 19th century onwards, in the specific zone of Petroio, making the territory a great venue of ancient, irremovable terracottas such as the “madonnine” (effigies of the Madonna) or the eaves of some houses. The museum’s exhibition proceeds with just a few written panels, but with many multimedia interventions, background voices, photographs and videos, according to the criteria of putting the objects into context: above all, it is the perfect plaCe for such a museum, renovated for the temporary exhibitions that attest to the potential of this material in the field of artistic expression.
Article edited by the Province of Siena
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