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Museum of the Contrada del Drago


Displaying the winning Palios, costumes and sacred décor

The Museum of the Contrada del Drago (Contrada of the Dragon) is found in Siena’s Oratory of Santa Caterina del Paradiso (17th century) and in the connected rooms, which were bestowed to the contrada in 1788 and conserve the old montures, the historic flags, the masgalani and the contrada’s winning Palios.

In the small church dedicated to Saint Catherine of Siena, you can admire spectacular 17th-century paintings from Siena by Francesco Rustici, Raffaello Vanni and Domenico Manetti and a bust of the saint by Lorenzo Marrina from 1517. In the sacristy, there is a 15th-century wooden crucifix. Among the contrada’s drappeloni, or Palio banners awarded to the winner, the one from 1724 is particularly important.