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Museo delle Miniere di Cavriglia
Photo © Valentina Dainelli
Photo © Valentina Dainelli

Mining Museum in Cavriglia


The museum itinerary was established to uphold the memory of the mining area

The Mining Museum in Cavriglia, or MINE, was founded with the aim of preserving the memory of the mining area of the Valdarno, located in the municipality of Cavriglia. The museum has been set up in some recovered buildings in the ghost town of Castelnuovo dei Sabbioni and collects artifacts and documents from the local mine, as well as various objects related to excavation activities.   

The museum presents a multimedia route that traces the highlights of mining history and helps us understand how a miner lived and worked, thanks in part to videos showing the different changes that occurred in the area due to open-pit mining. Indeed, the Valdarno lignite mines were the scene of the first major strikes for workers' rights, and saw some of the most distinguished Italian politicians and industrialists of the last century pass through. 

Particularly rich and important is MINE's documentation center, which collects photos and audiovisual material that can be consulted by visitors. In addition, the Museum offers educational activities for schools and children, with special workshops.

Museo delle Miniere di Cavriglia
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