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"Carla Fineschi" Rose Garden

In Cavriglia, there are more than 6,500 roses varying in species and variety

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Via Casale, 16, 52022 Castelnuovo dei Sabbioni AR, Italia

The Fineschi Rose Garden is located in Cavriglia, in the province of Arezzo. Considered the largest private rose garden in the world, it’s home to more than 6,500 roses, and the collection grows every year!

Thanks to professor Gianfranco Fineschi’s passion, the rose garden began to collect flowers in 1967, bringing together species and hybrids from all corners of the world. This wonderful garden can be described as a living museum of what’s been called the queen of flowers, the rose, on display in all her glory here, where visitors can admire her shape, her many shades, her infinite fragrances, as well as her leaves, thorns and presence, each one elegant in its own way.

Fineschi Rose Garden
Fineschi Rose Garden - Credit: pagina FB Roseto Fineschi

The rose garden, however, isn’t just a beautiful picture, but is also a place where genuine research can be conducted: the plants are displayed based on their type, and thanks to labels, visitors can learn their names, age and who created each kind.

To be fully immersed in the magic of this precious flower, we suggest visiting more than once throughout the year, discovering the beauty of every bloom depending on the season. There are plenty of special events inside the garden, like poetry readings and botany courses, which take on a whole new atmosphere in this unique place.

Info: www.rosetofineschi.it

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