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Photo © Valentina Dainelli
Photo © Valentina Dainelli

"Carla Fineschi" Rose Garden

Naturalistic attractions

In Cavriglia, there are more than 6,500 roses varying in species and variety

The Fineschi rose garden is located in Cavriglia, in the Valdarno region. Considered the largest private rose garden in the world, it sees among its paths more than 6,500 different varieties of roses, organized into 21 sectors that follow the classification of these flowers.

Thanks to the passion of Professor Gianfranco Fineschi, the rose garden has been collecting the quintessential flower since 1967, gathering species and hybrids from all over the world. This wonderful garden can be described as a living museum of what is considered the queen of flowers, the rose. Of her one can admire the form, the many shades of colors, the endless scents, as well as observe its leaves, thorns and bearing, for each one is always so elegant.

The Fineschi Rose Garden is a real place of study: in fact, plants are arranged according to their type and, thanks to plaques, one can find out their name, age and learn who created that particular type.

To totally savor the magic of this precious flower, a visit at several times of the year is recommended, which, following the course of nature, offer blooms of one or the other species. However, the best time remains during the major flowering of roses between May and June.

There is no shortage of opportunities for truly special events within the rose garden: poetry readings and botany classes take on a whole other atmosphere in this unique setting.

Roseto Fineschi
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