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Photo © LigaDue
Photo © LigaDue

Museum of Sacred Art of the Parish Church of St. John the Baptist of Cavriglia


The treasures of the town's parish and monastery

The Cavriglia Museum of Sacred Art is housed in the oratory of the company dedicated to the Name of Jesus, which is leaning against the left aisle of the ancient parish church of St. John the Baptist. The date of construction of the company's headquarters is unknown, but its present form dates back to the renovation conducted in the late 18th century.

The museum was established in order to preserve and make available to the public an artistic heritage that is historical evidence of the life and faith of a church community. The exhibits come from the parish treasury, and from the churches of Monastero and Montaio.

Notable works include the mostly white glazed terracotta sculptures by Benedetto Buglioni (late 15th-early 16th century) and the 13th century chiseled and gilded copper astylar cross on which a gilded bronze Christ from the previous century stands out.

On the back wall of the building is a painting depicting the "Circumcision of Jesus", which is attributed to Florentine artist Benedetto Veli (1564-1639). Beneath the painting stands out an 18th century statuette of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, flanked by two ovals, from the nearby parish church, depicting St. Anthony Abbot and St. Mary Magdalene de'Pazzi. The whole is set in a rectangular stucco exhibit culminating in a tympanum.

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