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Caprese Michelangelo

Located in Michelangelo's birth home, the Palazzo Clusini, the idea for the museum dates to the 1875 celebrations of the centenary of Michelangelo's birth (in 1475), though it wasn't officially opened until the 1964 centenary of the artist's death. The museum documents the sculptural works of the artist through a collection of copies of his works and works by 19th-20th century artists that were created in his honour.

The nucleus of the collection came from Florentine galleries and the collection was then expanded through donations from contemporary artists and photographers. Recently the museum acquired the Guidoni Collection of 19th - 20th century sculpture including works by Antonio Canova and Umberto Boccioni.

Opening hours:
Opening hours change regularly, visit the museum's website for details.

Groups of 15 or more, €3.00.
Children ages 7-14 and scholastic groups, €2.50.
Residents and children 6 and under enter free.

The museum is not accessible to wheelchair users.

Via Capoluogo
Ph: +39 0575 793776

Caprese Michelangelo
Buonarroti’s birth-place, from which the Arezzo took its name
Caprese Michelangelo owes its name to Michelangelo Buonarroti who was born here on the 6th of March, 1475, at a time when his father Ludovico was the town’s authoritative figure. It is on the Apennine ridge, in the greenest area of the Tuscan Val Tiberina. The territory, that reaches a height of 1415m above sea level on the Catenaria Alps (M. ...