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Mercury Mining Museum of Monte Amiata


Santa Fiora is home to an exhibition about the history of mining and the life of miners

The Mercury Mining Museum of Monte Amiata in Santa Fiora was founded to showcase the history of the mines and the sacrifices its miners had to make for their work. The exhibition winds through five rooms, introducing visitors to the area’s mining vocation and the related events that strongly characterized Monte Amiata in the 19th and 20th centuries, with particular attention on the area between the municipalities of Santa Fiora and Castell’Azzara.

The museum documents the techniques used to search for and extract mercury, starting with the most ancient. It illustrates the mining sites in the area and displays tools used by miner during their work. Through documents and photographs, visitors can also learn about the tragic consequences of working in a mine, as well as the strikes and protests led by miners to better their working conditions. The museum also has a small archeological section with artefacts dating to the 3rd century BCE. The museum is part of the Parco Nazionale Museo delle Miniere del Monte Amiata.

Museo delle Miniere di Mercurio
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