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Galatrona Tower

The ruins of an important castle in the Val d’Ambra

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52021 Bucine AR, Italia

The Galatrona Tower is all that remains of one of the most important castles in the Val d’Ambra. The earliest mention of the structure dates to 963, but the area was very likely inhabited even in the Etruscan era: the same name seems to derive from Canastruna.

Originally, the castle had two towers, attested to by an artwork today conserved in a nearby parish church: in this painting, you can clearly see how the castle was topped by two towers.

The life of the fortress and the tower has been troubled. The 26-metre-tall watchtower suffered attacks at various times in history, as this territory was often in the middle of fighting between Florence and Arezzo, as well as Florence and Siena.

Today, the tower is no longer in the hands of occupying enemies, but was given a new life as a multimedia exhibition centre that narrates historic events involving Galatrona and its castle. But the view of the valley below is worth the climb alone!

Info: comune.bucine.ar.it

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Located in the stretch of land where the Chianti hills skirt the upper Arno Valley, along the river Ambra, Bucine has been an important place of passage since Roman times. Bucine and the Valdambra, not far from Florence, Arezzo and Siena, have been a borderland since the Romanesque era. ...