Museo Galileo, Firenze

Galileo Museum

Discovering the father of scientific revolution

This noteworthy museum hosts incredible treasures including instruments and experimental tools. In addition, this museum is linked to an institute dedicated to research and documentation. Scholars from all over the world can make use of its wide-ranging library which can also be accessed on line.

Visitors to the museum can view 1,000 noteworthy tools and devices, which are extremely significant from a scientific point of view. Museum goers will appreciate the statue of Galileo and have the chance to understand historical events surrounding this revolutionary scientist. Florence and Tuscany, under the Medici and Lorena governments, was not just a cradle for the arts; it was also a center for the development of scientific knowledge as well as a supporter of discoveries that deeply affected the history of modern science.

Galileo Museum    
Piazza dei Giudici 1 - Tel. 055 265311

Opening Hours:
Weekdays: 9.30-18; Tuesdays 9.30-13;  Sundays and holidays: 9.30-16.30;  Closed: N/A.

The ticket offices close 30 minutes before the museum closing time (40 minutes for Campanile, Cupola, Museo dell’Opera del Duomo, 60 minutes for Certosa and Museo Stibbert ).

Entrance: € 8,00

Disabled access:
Visitors with disabilities have access through the Lungarno Anna Maria Luisa de’ Medici entrance; they may ask for assistance from museum staff via intercom. Visually impaired visitors can also request a guide; it is possible for these visitors to have a tactile experience thanks to special permission to touch some of the instruments exhibited. 
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