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Mount Cetona

Naturalistic attractions

An unmissable natural oasis, full of archaeological findings

Mount Cetona is an elevated part of southern Tuscany which separates Val d’Orcia and Valdichiana and is included in the area of Cetona, Sarteano, San Casciano dei Bagni and Radicofani.

The mountain formed 225 million years ago when the land was coastal and millions of years later when the seabed gradually lowered, the rivers brought a heap of debris over from the Alps and there was a tectonic phase which caused the emergence of the Apennines. Over the centuries tunnels and caves were formed which created a vast complex of passages where the primitive man took shelter.

Belvedere Archeological - Natural Park
Belvedere Archeological - Natural Park - Credit:

At the start of the century the first archaeological research was done here and thanks to the numerous findings, the Civic Museum of the Prehistory of Mount Cetona and Belvedere Archeological - Natural Park were established, where you can visit the caves inhabited in prehistory and in later eras by saints and hermits, including the Grotta Lattaia, where votive objects where left in ancient times to bring luck to motherhood.

Mount Cetona is the perfect place for those who love hiking and cycling, from the top of the peak you can admire an amazing panorama over the Val d’Orcia and Mount Amiata from one side and over Valdichiana to Perugia from the other.

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