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Da Ciggiano al Monte Cetona: sguardo su 50 chilometri di Valdichiana
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Mount Cetona

Nature and Archaeological Park that you can't miss

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It's hard to miss the mountainous landscape of southern Tuscany, which separates La Val d'Orcia and the Val di Chiana. It was formed 225 million years ago when the environment was submerged in water and marine life covered the entire region; millions of years after when the seabed gradually lowered, the rivers brought an accumulation of debris from the Alps and it was there when the tectonic phase triggered the emergence of the Apennines.

Through the centuries, shelters and tunnels were formed in order to form a massive complex of covered galleries and caves where primitive man could find refuge. At the beginning of the century, the first archaeological studies were performed here and thanks to the numerous findings, the archaeological park was established.

How to get there:
Mount Cetona is easily reached from Chiusi (exit Chiusi-Chianciano T. from highway A1) following interstate 321 towards Bolsena until the region of Cetona (13 km from Chiusi). From here continue to S. Casciano dei Bagni, but a Piazze (9 km from Cetona) turn right to Camporsevoli.

Etruscan village located on the north-eastern slopes of the Cetona mountain
Cetona is considered a striking destination for its typically medieval urban plan and for relaxing breaks thanks to its landscape that is characterised by a thick vegetation that lends it a particular peace. ...