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Fortified compound of Montecurliano


A few kilometers from Grosseto, a large circular construction known as the Tino of Moscona

The remains of the Montecurliano Castle are located on the hillock of Moscona, a few kilometers north of Grosseto. The settlement includes the large circular construction nearly thirty meters in diameter, known as the Tino of Moscona, because of its shape resembling that of a vat (tino), and a larger surrounding wall. Inside there is an underground chamber and the remains of an ancient Roman cistern, while on the east side of the fortification the remains of a medieval settlement are visible.

The fortification, built by the Aldobrandeschi Counts in the second half of the 12th century with the intention of transferring the city of Grosseto there, was short-lived, turning out to have already been abandoned in 1359, probably as a result of famine and pestilential epidemics. The beauty of the place rewards the uphill walk to reach it, opening the view over the entire Grosseto plain to the sea.

The site is currently located inside a private property and can only be visited accompanied by a guide and by permission of the landowner.

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