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Photo © Museo Mubia - Geomuseo delle Biancane
Photo © Museo Mubia - Geomuseo delle Biancane

Biancane Nature Park

Naturalistic attractions

From the center of the Earth to the sky, a surreal landscape in Monterotondo Marittimo

The Le Biancane Nature Park is the symbol of the relationship between Monterotondo Marittimo and geothermal energy, i.e. the energy that comes from deep within the Earth.

The Biancane is an extraordinary area for its vapour emissions and the way energy has modified the natural habitat and the typical colours of the Metalliferous Hills.

Due to these geological and climactic characteristics, an atypical flora has developed in this area, making it unique. The white vapours emitting from the ground, the boiling mud and the whitish patches marking the ground give this landscape a striking and unusual appearance.

The municipality of Monterotondo Marittimo and Enel Green Power have decided to enhance this natural heritage by creating a route through the areas where many natural geothermal events are located: the area also includes the historic industrial zone, where boric acid was extracted from the thermal spring waters since the early 19th century. 

The route starts at the Lagone Cerchiaio, the place where in 1777 Hubert Francesco Hoefer - provisionier of the Grand Ducal pharmacies - discovered the presence of boric acid in the geothermal waters. 

The itinerary allows you to admire unique phenomena, such as steam escaping from the cracks in the stones, boiling water pouring out of the ground, the colour of the soil changing from a deep red to a yellow ochre, to a luminous white.

At the end of the route, you can visit the MUBIA Multimedia Museum to experience the thrill of a virtual journey into the depths of the Earth and try your hand at one of the many interactive stations.
An original GeoNave allows you to travel up to 7 km deep to discover the wonders of the Biancane subsoil.

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