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Antiquarium of Sant'Appiano in Barberino Tavarnelle


The archeological museum is located in the premises attached to the parish church

The Antiquarium of Sant'Appiano in Barberino Tavarnelle is an archeological museum located in the premised attached to the Parish church of Sant’Appiano.

The small museum houses numerous archaeological finds from excavation campaigns carried out in the surrounding area. The halls display several alabaster funerary urns from the Hellenistic period, with images of the deceased on the lid and bas-reliefs with scenes from Greek mythology on the underside, as well as red-figure Attic ceramics from the period between the 6th and 5th centuries BC. Of great interest is a sandstone sculpture of a putto riding a dog, which some scholars identify as the god Eros and date it to the second century AD. 

Parish church of Sant'Appiano
Parish church of Sant'Appiano - Credit: PROg.sighele

In the Antiquarium we also find a series of low-medieval and Renaissance ceramics characteristic of the Florentine area and a unique painting depicting the Madonna and Child with Saints John the Baptist and Anthony of Padua and two angels, painted by the Master of Signa from the first half of the 15th century.