Tuscany for women.
Tuscany for women travelers.

Tuscany is a woman. Emancipated like her Etruscan ancestors. Fascinating as Renaissance art. Determined like Anna Maria Luisa de' Medici, the Palatine Electress. Harmonious as its hilly landscapes.

A land of sharing, respect and empathy from its origins.

A feminine soul intuited already in the 18th and 19th centuries by the "ladies of the Grand Tour". European women who liberated the idea of "travel" from the prejudice that until then had relegated it to the realm of men's possibilities. Women travelers who elected Tuscany as their preferred destination, appreciating its warm welcome, landscapes and artistic wonders: a beauty that, from the hills to the sea, shines in the squares adorned with sculptures, is reflected on the facades of the palaces, and is richly unleashed in the halls of the museums.

Art cities and small villages, traditions and flavors, style, fashion, wellness and nature: a heterogeneous region that allows the increasing number of female travelers to enjoy experiences close to their passions and to go on a discovery of places and emotions.

A collection of ideas, itineraries, events, deals and experiences for all those who wish to get to know Tuscany by discovering local productions and activities taken care of by women, to experience culture and tradition and move around breathing oxygen and freedom.

A creative, modern, welcoming travel style.

Special attention paid to the needs and expectations of women travelers and tourists from all over the world, a manifesto of values dedicated to women who wish to explore Tuscany while feeling at home.

Tuscany, female soul and character: ideas and tips for a trip to a land that looks like you.

Find out the experiences, live your passions
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