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Tuscany Walking Festival

Numerous events exploring the many faces of the Tuscan Archipelago

The Tuscany Walking Festival is one of the most important hiking and excursion-related events in Italy, taking place every year in the National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago, both in mid-spring and at the beginning of autumn.

The springtime events take place between April and May, while the autumn session runs between September and October. Step after step, during the nature walks – which are all completely free of charge – participants can discover the treasures, tastes and traditions of the islands of Elba, Pianosa, Giglio, Giannutri and Capraia.

Each island has its own unique characteristics. The important thing is to travel in a responsible way, respecting the flora and fauna of each place.

With hiking shoes, a light backpack and sunglasses, the Tuscan islands allow visitors to partake in birdwatching, photograph breathtaking panoramic views, and breathe in fresh, clean air. Among the different proposed itineraries are some specifically designed to spread knowledge of the islands’ history: the old mine and the centuries-old trades of Elba; the architectural remnants of Napoleon’s journey; the settlements of the Etruscans.

Others, instead, aim to explore the deep connection between the territory itself and its food and culinary culture. For this reason, excursions can be a sort of “pretext” to taste the many traditional products of the islands: wines, sweets and fresh fish.


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